Sharper Than New - Ruined my Knife

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Ground off the serrations of my Tomato Knife...I went to where she worked and she called the police after I asked for a knife replacement

Her website is

Located in the Sarasota Farmers Market

Sharper Than New

Krystina Muller

Do not her ruin your knifes like she ruined mine.

her email is

I am taking her to mediation in Sarasota to get her to pay $45.00

that the knife company said they would sell it to me for half price

Please do not do business with Krystina Muller ....Sharper Than New at the

Sarasota Farmers Market....Go to Sur La Table in downtown Sarasota

Review about: Knife Sharpening.



I took her six knifes and she didn't outstanding job...

to Anonymous #1028140

Did you mean to write... she DID (opposed to "didn't") outstanding job?


YOU should be going to court !!!AND she should be suing your *** for deformation of character.

people like YOU sicken me..... last year i had a "knife sharpener sharpen a high end 450.00 folder ...he ground 13 of the blade off and completely took the curve out of the drop point blade. did I post his name and business ?!

no.....suck it up 45 ?!!???!!you are a jack off

to ***ED OFF ***SUMER Detroit, Michigan, United States #687917

Totally agree (although its "defamation" of character!) Having a bad experience with a person or business doesn't justify "TechnoTony's" excessive and childish response! Posting her name, email address, and place of business, GOING to her job and harassing her, and then filling up our courts all for a $45 knife (which will cost taxpayers far more than that for your petty litigation?!) Grow up man! I'd call the cops on you too!

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